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 Famous sculpture of a man breaking his crutches
Piestany Spa
The best known Slovak spa

Piestany Spa can be found in the pleasant surrounding of an island surrounded by the longest river in Slovakia - the river Vah. For over 200 years, the spa has enjoyed a place among leading European spas in treatment of rheumatism, rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal apparatus and the nervous system. The unique natural sources comprising therapeutic sulphurous mud and thermal mineral water are renowned for their healing action. By using specialized therapeutic procedures under supervision of top medical expert, joint inflammation recede, their flexibility returns, the immunity system is boosted, damaged cartilage regenerated and the generative process of joints slowed down. Piestany Spa is also high popular thanks to its specific healing effect on post-traumatic condition.

The character of Piestany Spa and the uniqueness of the therapeutic effect found here are best reflected by the central symbol of the spa, the famous sculpture of a man breaking his crutches. Once you have undergone treatment, the crutches, as an aid to damaged health, usually become redundant. Once again you will find yourself full of strength, energy and peace.


Medical & Spa Treatment

World-famous Spa Piešťany owes its reputation mainly to the remarkable natural springs, the unique healing potential of which has been verified by hundreds of generations, both in the distant as well as in recent past. The "crutch breaker", the famous symbol of Spa Piešťany, is a very accurate expression of the healing nature of Piešťany's natural phenomenon. The real idea behind the crutch breaker is not at all exaggerated, because a crutch is something which becomes redundant for many of our patients after treatment. This was the case in the past and is the same nowadays, and we will do our best to ensure that this remains true in the future as well.

Natural healing sources
The unique healing sources are the reason why people have come to Piešťany for centuries, and this is also the reason why the spas were created here.
The healing effects of the local thermal mineral water and sulphur mud were first described by physicians in the 14th century.

Thermal mineral sulphur water
Thermal mineral water in Spa Piešťany has a high content of minerals (1500 mg per litre). The water also contains hydrogen sulphide and other free gases. It springs from tectonics faults from a depth of about 2000 metres. The water temperature of the springs is 67 - 69C. Its output is around 3 million liters daily.

Sulphur mud
Sulphur mud is a unique peloid both on a European as well as a world-wide scale. Its base is a homogenized sediment collected in the riverbed of the River Vh, on the site of the current hot springs with sulphuric thermal mineral water.
The mud has important antifungal features. It is prepared for balneology application using original technology, which causes it to mature and regenerate, accompanied by a multitude of chemical and biological reactions. The mature mud has a butter-like consistency, and is greasy, malleable, with good heat conducting features. It cools down four times slower than water, and has a viscosity 350 times higher than water. The mud application temperature is approximately 45C, and the duration of a partial or total wrap is 20 minutes. The wrap causes a temporary local, as well as total overheating of the body, which depends on the application area of the wrap. The mud wrap causes the reduction of local swellings around joints, reduction of muscle tension, and better nutrient supply to cartilages, connective tissues and intervertebral discs. It strengthens anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes within the body, preventing the degradation of elastine, collagen and hyaluronane, thus improving the functions of cartilage, connective tissues and joint movement.

Therapeutic Indications
Rheumatic inflammatory disorders (rheumatic arthritis, Bechterew's diseases; soft tissue rheumatism, fibrositis, fibromyalgy), degenerative non-inflammatory rheumatic disorders (erosion, metabolic arthropathies – gouty arthritis, premature aging of the musculoskeletal system), neural disorders (sciatica, CB - syndrome, nerve paralysis, posture disorders of the skeletal system) orthopedic disorders (scoliosis, spine deformations, post-surgery and post-traumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal system).

Infectious diseases, cardio-respiratory system failure, acute thrombophlebitis, acute inflammatory rheumatic diseases, metastasis tumors, acute psychosis, labile diabetes with repetitive acidity, pregnancy, addiction to alcohol or other habitual drugs, incontinence, states requiring care by a third person, epilepsy with frequent seizures.

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