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Marianske Lazne Spa
Mariánské Lázně is one of the most charming spa locations in the Czech Republic. Its spa history is not long, but all the more interesting for that. In a place which was still dominated by swamps and impenetrable forests in the 18th century, an elegant town with modern buildings and of large public interest originated.
Spa Mariánské Lázně a. s. is the third-largest company providing spa care and hotel services in the Czech Republic, and at present ranks amongst the most efficient spa companies.
They combine top quality spa care with hotel services at the highest level. The proof of this is in the fact that hey provide spa procedures directly in their spa hotels together with medical consultations. Standard for spa are the dietary meals offered in their hotel restaurants, which are the fundamental prerequisite of a successful treatment and a subsequent improvement in clients’ health condition.

The company continues the rich tradition of spa care in Mariánské Lázně. They strive to fully use the unique natural medicinal sources that consist of medicinal springs, unique natural gas CO2 and peloids.

Alongside the spa programmers, they also provide wellness & beauty stays aimed at improving one's overall condition and thorough body rejuvenation.
Medical & Spa Stay

Thermal water


Mariánské Lázně is well-known for the abundance of natural medicinal sources. More than one hundred mineral springs rise within the wider vicinity of the town, and there are about forty springs in the town itself. All these mineral springs are cold acidulous springs with temperatures between 7°C and 10°C. The springs differ in their chemical composition, which has an impact on the actual program of medicinal drinking water used for various disorders. The amount of water prescribed for the program varies according to the diagnosis and the health condition of the client – generally 1.5 – 2 liters per day. Mineral springs of Mariánské Lázně are also used for inhalations and mineral baths.


Healing mud


Peloids are inorganic and organic pottages, which are, after certain modification and heating, used for compresses and wraps. They are made of peat and other mud, which can be found around springs. It is used for 20 – 30 minutes once it reaches the temperature 40°C. Peat wraps are used for treating locomotive system disorders, gynecologic complaints and respiratory system disorders. Special additional treatment is offered in the form of peat vaginal tampons, which are used for curing chronic gynecologic inflammations and sterility in women.


Natural Dry Carbon Gas


Natural volcanic gas (containing 99.7% CO2, and called Maria’s gas) improves blood circulation, kidney activity and sexual functions, in addition to having an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also administered by injection to reduce pain, improve localized circulation and accelerate healing.


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